Attractions in Gdynia

It is sunny here - over 1,671 hours per year to be exact, making Gdynia the perfect place to visit at any time of the year. One of the area's numerous attractions is the Seashore Promenade – a favourite place to take a stroll for locals and tourists alike.  


If, apart from lazing at the pool and relaxing in the room, you came to Gdynia with an appetite to get to know the Tri-City, its history and its most interesting places, our reception will help you contact the best guide in this part of Pomerania.

Anna Kotuła is an organizer and tour guide in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Full of passion and energy, she spreads enthusiasm for learning about history. Certainly, it will not be boring;)

Through the reception desk, you can arrange the date you are interested in setting off to conquer the city, Anna will adjust the tour program and lenguage according to your preferences and help to arrange the details.

If you are not sure yet, you can get to know Anna's activities thanks to the website where she presents herself as well as suggestions of interesting places in the Tri-City and more.

We are sure it will be a nice time.


However, if you prefer to spend time in your own rhythm, we have a few suggestions for you:
A two-kilometer route from Kościuszko Square at the foot of Kamienna Góra. The walk can be continued, however, along the beach to the Redłowski cliff, the pier in Orłowo or even to Sopot.

Gdynia is also the Festival of Polish Feature Films, when it becomes the Polish Cannes for a few autumn days. The audience can participate in festival screenings and meetings with the stars.

The number of special events in Gdynia is enormous and attracts tens of thousands of spectators every year.

We invite our guests to spend their free time actively in Gdynia and its surroundings. We are happy to help you organize your free time. Our suggestions are:

  • Aquapark Sopot - We cordially invite you to take advantage of the offer of the only water park in Sopot in Tricity
  • Aquapark Reda- The only such aquapark with sharks
  • Centrum U7 - Play bowling! Centrum U7 invites you to active recreation
  • Chillout - We highly recommend our guests to take advantage of the Chillout salon offer located just 500m from our Hotel. Professional face and body treatments. Eyelash extensions, permanent makeup and unusual massages and rituals. 10% discount for Hotel Antares Guests
  • Kolibki Adventure Park - For lovers of thrills, we recommend the Adventure Park. A dose of adrenaline will be provided by numerous attractions of the paintball park, off-road vehicles, quads, a rope park, a shooting range and much more. Check on your own!
  • Diving course - Gdynia Dive - For those who are active and thirsty for experience, we offer a diving course.
  • Strefa Zoltar entertainment center - 450m2 electronic paintball arena, a criminal puzzle room, archery arena and a reflex room are the attractions that are waiting for you. We highly recommend this place to seekers of adrenaline and fun. 10% discount for Hotel Antares guests
  • Helios Gdynia - Check what the magic of modern cinema is all about.,Gdynia/Repertuar/
  • Shopping time! Riviera Shopping Center - For shopping, visit the Rivieria Shopping Center in Gdynia. In the spacious interiors of the gallery there are many salons and shops that represent the best and most popular brands of world fashion.

For those seeking relaxation in Gdynia

We have Orłowo with a 420-meter long pier and Kępa Redłowska, one of the oldest nature reserves in Poland, with a beautiful steep cliff, 60 meters high, changing its shape and appearance after each storm. The greenery of the city covers 45% of the area, there is a forest, forest and floristic reserve, as well as an underwater reserve.

Numerous beaches, one of which is located in the very center of the city, are the place of numerous events and games. Volleyball, soccer and rugby tournaments are held here every day during the summer holidays. The beaches are clean and safe (mostly guarded or supervised by experienced lifeguards).

We should also remember that Gdynia is the sailing capital of Poland. Sailing events take place here from May to October, and in winter you can see, for example, an exhibition of photos from the regatta.

Art and history lovers will also find something for themselves:

  • Gdynia Aquarium - the wealth of flora and fauna of the seas and oceans at your fingertips. Thousands of species of fish and shells. You will also see here what the bottom of the Baltic Sea looks like.
  • "Dar Pomorza" - the most beautiful Polish sailing ship, which has made over 100 voyages and called at almost 400 ports. Youth from the Maritime School were trained on its board. In 1981. anchored in Gdynia and became a museum.
  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia - is a space for people who create innovative products, services and initiatives.
  • EXPERYMENT Science Center - is an interactive exhibition aimed at teaching through play.
  • "Błyskawica" - the most famous Polish warship. During the tour inside, you can visit the deck, machinery spaces and see the steam boiler.
  • Gdynia City Museum - here you will find information about the history of Gdynia. The museum is located at ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 1
  • Emigration Museum - the first museum in the country devoted to the history of Polish emigration. The museum is located at ul. Polish 1.
  • Musical Theater Danuta Baduszkowa - The largest music theater in Poland. Right after the Grand Theater in Warsaw, it is the largest theater in terms of the number of seats. Over 1,580 viewers can sit in three halls at the same time. Address: Pl. Grunwaldzki 1.
  • Gdynia Arena Hall - the audience of the hall can seat 4334 people; 3,980 seats are located in stationary stands. The hall is located at ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 8, only 4 km from the Antares Hotel.
  • Museum of Inclusions - in this museum, see incl. organisms embedded in amber.
  • Żeromski's House in Orłowo - here the writer came on vacation and created his "Wind from the Sea". ul. Folwarczna Domek presents architecture from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • The Church of Michael the Archangel in Oksywie - one of the oldest churches in Gdańsk Pomerania / 13th century /. Here in Kępa Oksywska / 40 m above sea level / there are buried many distinguished for Gdynia and the whole Pomerania.
  • Kolibki palace and park complex - an estate that used to belong to King Jan III Sobieski.

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